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2009 Boot Camp Provides Opportunity For Team To Be Formed

Oct. 8, 2009

Milwaukee - The Marquette University men's basketball team is currently in the midst of the program's 2009 Boot Camp, which consists of a series of workout sessions leading up to the official first day of practice.

The sessions consist of a structured warm-up, station drills and timed runs. Head coach Buzz Williams directs the workouts, which in some cases occur twice a day. The station work, all done without the use of a basketball, remain fairly standard, while the timed sprints vary in both time and distance.

While a highly-conditioned basketball team is a positive byproduct of Boot Camp, the primary objective of the coaching staff is to develop a close-knit squad and identify the roster's top performers when pushed both physically and mentally.

"Boot Camp is where our team is formed," Williams said. "It's conditioning based, and that is beneficial, but what is revealed throughout each session for all involved to see, is much more impactful. Everything and everyone is exposed at all times."

Each of the aspects of Boot Camp call for the utilization of teamwork in some fashion as multiple players work together to accomplish a unified goal.

"Boot Camp is an experience that allows each of us to build respect among each other as teammates through our hard work," senior Lazar Hayward said. "It's also a good opportunity to learn something about yourself as well."

New this season is a "tap-out" bell for anyone who feels he can't finish the day's requirements, he can ring the bell and start over at another time, but not receive any credit for the work put in that day. To this point, the bell has yet to ring in Kasten Gym.

Boot Camp concludes Oct. 14.

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