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March 23, 2009

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Head Coach Terri Mitchell

Opening Statement...
"It's just great to be playing in this time of year. We had a 17-day break from games, and that certainly showed at time. We knew that. We knew it would take awhile to get back into the game mode. We started the first half and we missed 12 inside shots and what we talked about at halftime is that the shots are there, now it's just a matter of knocking them down. Then our shooting percentage went up. We were 48 percent in the second half and that's what I was encouraging, and I thought our defense was very consistent throughout the game. Yes, they hit some shots at the end and got some more rebounds, but our rebound count was good and really the rustiness was in our turnovers-uncharacteristic turnovers for us. They were putting pressure on us towards the end and they had to get the basketball and we weren't taking care of it. But I'll take it- we get to play again. We are excited about it, and we are excited we won."

On Lauren Thomas-Johnson's play tonight...
"We just said it's all new. The season is new, everyone is new. Whoever is coming out is practicing hard, and she is just like a new woman since break and she's been playing hard. We had restricted her in 3's and we took the restriction off. We really loosened up. There's a tendency when you're losing to get tighter with your team and implement more rules and talk about passing. We got rid of all those things and just told them to take responsibility for your passes. Take responsibility for your shots. Have fun out there and just play loose. And I think Lauren, more than anyone, has benefited from that. I played a lot of bodies. I was really just about getting everyone back to the mode of playing with a crowd, with officials. I thought for the most part we played well. I was really encouraged by Lauren's play and that kind of play will be very beneficial for us."

On the team's energy...
"First they were tentative, then we were fine. We built leads then they came back, and then we got tighter. We just called timeouts and said a 10-point lead needs to go to 15, not the opposite way. I tried to make them laugh and have that balance being intense and then letting them know that we are capable. All of our close games we were in, we were right there. We're really focusing on the future and just getting this team confident down the stetch."

On Krystal Ellis' play...
"You are going to see our seniors coming off the bench. I think it's important that the underclassmen start in post season, and that the seniors give us the spark and the maturity that they watch and figure out what needs to be done. And if you watch Krystal and you watch Marissa and Erin, that's a great combination. They are fine with it. They can come off the bench and use their experience and take a lead, or build a lead, or make defensive stops. If you look at down the stretch, those three were in there. I want to work on the other kids as much as possible so that they know what it's like to win in the post-season. This is not just about this year. This is grounding them in the future for what it's like to play in March and what it is to win a game and advance. The WNIT did a ton of great things for our program."

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