Men's Basketball

Hard Work In The Weight Room Begins Long Before Start Of Fall Semester

Sept. 8, 2009

The Marquette men's basketball program works extremely hard under the direction of head strength coach Todd Smith, the lone coach on MU's staff allowed to work with the players year-round.

While a longer evaluation time will be needed with this season's newcomers to better illustrate their respective development, all of the Golden Eagle veterans have displayed significant improvement.

Player Development

Lazar Hayward
Hayward has increased his vertical jump by 5.5 inches since the summer of 2006 while decreasing his body fat three percent. He has also tied the school record (26) for 185-pound reps.

Chris Otule
Otule has decreased his body fat by 11 percent since he arrived on campus and gained 30 points of lean mass. His vertical jump has improved two inches and he can now do 24 chin-ups, as opposed to just two his freshman year.

Jimmy Butler
Butler has gained 20 pounds of muscle and maintained a body fat of just five percent. He jumped from four reps of 185 pounds to 16 and is the only player to post a sub-three second time in the 25-yard dash.

Dwight Buycks
In a short time on campus, Buycks has improved his chin-up reps to a team-best 32 (he first tested at 11 total) and can now post 12 reps of 185 pounds.

Darius Johnson-Odom
Johnson-Odom can squat 400 pounds and bench 300 pounds, both the second-best marks on the roster. He has increased his body weight by 16 pounds while maintaining six-percent body fat.

David Cubillan
asdfCubillan has progressed across-the-board as well as any player in the program. He ranks among the top-five on the roster in nearly all of the eight main categories, including second in pro-agility evaluation.

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