Barber is competing for playing time at outside hitter, but also has experience on the right.

Women's Volleyball

Volleyball Freshman Orientation: Nele Barber

Aug 29, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Most college freshmen have enough on their plate in making the transition to college, let alone adjusting to life on a new continent and working one's way into an NCAA Division I women's volleyball roster. Such is task of Nele Barber, Marquette's latest foreign import from Berlin, Germany.

Barber's international volleyball experience with Germany has allowed her to travel the globe and experience different cultures.

Learn more about Barber and her interesting path to becoming a volleyball player. Why did you choose Marquette?
Barber: Marquette provides the best opportunity for me to excel academically and athletically.

GoMU: What is your most embarrassing volleyball moment?
Barber: In the quarterfinal of the German Championship I made a serve on the 10-foot-line on our side of the court.

GoMU: What made you start playing volleyball?
Barber: Actually I did gymnastics when a volleyball coach asked my dad if I want to participate in a test for going to a sports school. My dad told me it would be for gymnastics, so I went to the test. But everyone played volleyball, which was very confusing. Anyway, I passed the test, I got admitted at the sports school and I started playing volleyball.

GoMU: What are your proudest volleyball achievements to date?
Barber: Earning a school world championship in 2010, a German national championship in 2008 and fifth place at the World Youth Championship in 2011

GoMU: What do you plan on studying at Marquette and what are your career goals?
Barber: Clinical lab science. I want to get a job that I really like.

GoMU: What are you looking forward to most in college?
Barber: I want to play a successful season, make lots of new friends and have a nice time at college.

GoMU: What is something about you that nobody knows?
Barber: If I would tell you it wouldn´t be a secret anymore.

GoMU: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Barber: I would do a trip around the world because I am fascinated by the different cultures and countrysides.

GoMU: What are your interests or hobbies other than volleyball?
Barber: I love watching movies/series because I know I have some time to relax and to forget everyday stress. Also meeting friends and create some awesome memories.

GoMU: Favorite food(s)?
Barber: Pizza, Pasta, Fast Food and Sweets

GoMU: What was the last book you read?
Barber: A German one: Das MÃÆ'¤dchen, das den Himmel berÃÆ'¼hrte.

GoMU: If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?
Barber: Some kind of bird because I´d like to know the feeling to fly without a plane.

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