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Lauren Houg's Blog Day 7

June 7, 2016

Hello from just across the Atlantic Ocean!

The Marquette women's volleyball team is having more and more fun as the 2016 European tour continues. We spent a day in Venice that included gondola rides, shopping, and a dinner on the water overlooking the sunset. During the day the team split off into groups and were given a list of famous spots to discover including San Marco Square, Bridge of Sighs, and CafÃÆ'Æ'© Florian.

We took a train to Talamassons where we stayed the night. In the morning we played against a local team, Club Talamassons, then left to have a picnic with the team. The town was celebrating a sports day, so there were many people at the picnic. We were able to talk to the volleyball players from Talamassons while we ate and we learned a lot about their lives. We were announced and presented with awards as we traded gifts with the other team. There were many kids there to play with and some young volleyball players.

The kids did not speak English, however we could communicate well with non-verbal ques like clapping and giving a thumbs up while we played. They also loved taking pictures of us and most seemed very excited to see the taller players on our team and even measured Jenna to see exactly how tall she was! The hotel we stayed in had a pool that was built over a hot spring. There was a cooling system that brought the temperature down just enough to be warm then filtered it directly back into the pool. We enjoyed a relaxing day with the mountains in the background

On Monday, Marquette traveled to Trento in the morning and played a match against Argentario Trento, which proved to be good competition for the Golden Eagles as they were pushed to five sets before earning the victory (25-22, 21-25, 19-25, 25-17, 15-13. Taylor Louis had a team-high 16 kills and tallied 16 digs for a double-double, while Meghan Niemann hit a .333 clip with 13 kills. As a team, MU notched 12 blocks.

The team got cleaned up and we spent the remainder of the day in downtown Trento, which is one of the highest ranking cities for quality of life and standard of living in Italy. We enjoyed some time to find shops and cafes before dinner. Currently, we are on another train this time heading to Innsbruck, Austria. This part of the tour tour will have a different twist as a main language spoken here is German.

Today is senior Ellen Hays' birthday and she noted that, "I can't beat spending this special day in Austria with people I care about."

Caio for now and don't forget to continue following our journey on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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