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Blue & Gold Status Selections Announced

Sept. 14, 2017

Each year at Marquette University, hundreds of student-athletes compete at the highest level for their respective sport. While the majority of people will notice their on-field accomplishments, often the individuals' efforts off the field remain un-publicized.

One of the many groups at Marquette University that is dedicated to assist and honor Marquette student-athletes is the Academic Support Staff. Beginning in September and running through April, the Academic Support Staff will pick four student-athletes that consistently excelled academically, athletically and in the community.

The first four members of the Blue & Gold Status award for the 2017-2018 academic year are Ryley Bugay (women's soccer), Nick Singleton (men's lacrosse), Daniel Pederson (men's cross country), and Cameron Marotta (men's basketball).

Ryley Bugay (Women's Soccer)

Spent her summer as a Laboratory Technician for TriClinic Labs, and took part in lab studies every day. Some of her responsibilities included preparing pharmaceutical samples for analysis, preparing mobile phase for HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography), and preparing testing medium for particle size analysis General sample preparations. She definitely crossed the bridge from student to scientist during this experience, and put her classroom learning, leadership, and decision-making abilities to use every day in the lab.

Nick Singleton (Men's Lacrosse)

Nick spent a week in Colorado on the campus of the University of Northern Colorado as a huddle leader at an overnight FCA sports camp. He was with 20 huddle leaders doing training to prepare for the arrival of campers, learning about the content we would go through in the Bible as well as how to answer tough questions and talk about the Gospel. Campers were assigned a leader based on their sport, and we spent the week with our group. Each day consisted of multiple devotion/teaching times as a huddle, meals, sports sessions/practice, and a whole camp meeting in the evening where we had a speaker give a message. He says this experience that challenged him in his faith, and in his leadership with high-school student campers.

Daniel Pederson (Men's Cross Country)

Daniel spent his summer as a formation leader with Totus Tuun. TOTUS TUUS (Latin for Totally Yours) is a fun and energetic parish based summer catechetical program for both grade school age children and middle and high school youth. TOTUS TUUS gathers together college students and seminarians from across the United States onto teaching teams of four in order to train them and send them out on the road to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in various participating parishes. Daniel and his team traveled throughout northern WI, often housed with parish families, and lead faith camps each week for various parishes.

Cameron Marotta (Men's Basketball)

Cam participated the Big East Mental Health Summit in Washington DC in June, along with SAAC representatives and athletic trainers, mental health professionals, and administrators from all Big East schools. The summit included powerful speakers and small-group activities, access to resources, plus materials and learning to bring back to campus. Most importantly, the participants shared their own best practices, and brainstormed together how to collaborate to make mental health and wellness a priority for all members.

Continue to check each month as the Academic Support Staff honors new student-athletes into the Blue & Gold Status.

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