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March 6, 2010

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Head Coach Terri Mitchell

Opening Statement:
"We were consistent three times we have played DePaul, and unfortunately we were consistent by losing by 10 points each time. I was just proud of our players' fight and how hard they worked out there tonight and that they never gave up. It is a classic DePaul game where nothing is settled till the final buzzard goes off. We just wish DePaul the best the rest of the tournament, and obviously in the NCAA Tournament."

You played them even after that first six minutes when it was 22 to 11, what happened there?
"I thought we were losing people in transition. I think it was a lot of things we talked about in the locker room, losing people in transition. We were sprinting down the middle of the court not sprinting to bodies. I thought we had a lot of unforced turnovers. If you look, we settled down in the second half, but in that stretch we didn't have a turnover the last eight minutes of the first half. We had all of them in bunches, and they had 13 points off our turnovers in the beginning. They benefited from our turnovers and we lost people and we had a panic response and once we settled, yet we played them even, but we couldn't ever get over the barrier."

It also seemed your defense in the last five minutes was good, you gave up essentially only free throws, but you couldn't close the gap. Why was that?
"Yeah, I think missing shots. I think we gave ourselves opportunities for shots, and we missed shots. Then we had to reach in and foul and put them on the free throw line. We had a couple [possessions] that we made stops back to back to back and we didn't benefit from it. We missed the lay up inside. Then we threw the ball out of bounds to Jess (Pachko) inside, and that was four points where we would have cut it and we didn't. I think that just kind of took the steam out of our players at that point. But they fought! They fought to the very end and that is what I love about them and all of this is going to make us better some point some way down the line."

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